about sandralit.com

sandralit.com has been created as a means of publishing small collections of words, on various topics. These words generally will be those of Sandra McIntyre, but it’s possible they won’t always. These words, for instance, are not.

sandralit.com is powered by WordPress a fantastically easy to use piece of content management software.

The header of this website is a public-domain image (from the very useful Clipart History) depicting an Ingram rotary perfecting press, circa 1868:

The Ingram rotary perfecting press, on which the Illustrated London News is worked off, prints from a web of paper of the usual length, and is claimed as the final triumph in the line of inventors, which is thus stated in England: Nicholson, Kanig, Applegarth and Cowper, Hoe and Walter. We should be disposed to add a few names to the list, among which would be Bullock and Campbell.

The font used alongside this fetching image is Garamond.

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